Social media pack for It Starts With Me, summer 2019

  I'm stopping HIV Our social media pack will help you promote the summer phase of the It Starts With Me campaign on your social media channels. The summer activity launched on Wednesday 19 June 2019.


Once again we are raising awareness and promoting actions of the various ways to prevent HIV such as condoms, testing, PrEP and treatment using a creative with a summery feel to it, refreshed from last year.

The tagline for the summer activity is ‘I’m stopping HIV.’. Under the tagline, an explanation of how each of the models is stopping HIV is outlined.

The people featured in the campaign images and videos are a mixture of people living with and without HIV.


Our social media hashtag is #ImStoppingHIV

Hashtags are not case sensitive so using #imstoppinghiv would work as well – we’ve just used capitals to make it easier to read what the hashtag is about.

What’s in the pack?

Images: a selection of images for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any another social network.

Links: to information on the various ways of preventing HIV. There are links to interactive tools that:

  • Recommend the best condom to use,
  • assess when someone should get tested,
  • help to choose a type of test based on preference and suitability,
  • help to find local testing services.

Suggested posts: examples of posts for Facebook and Instagram as well as tweets for Twitter.


Share these YouTube videos via your social media channel:

Download to share via your own channels and use in clinics and waiting rooms:

Additional videos are available via both our YouTube channel (for sharing) and Vimeo (for downloads) channels featuring treatment and testing messaging.


Images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be downloaded via Dropbox.

If you’re unable to access Dropbox at your place or work please contact us to request zip files of our digital assets.

Suggested tweets and posts with links to the It Starts With Me online tools can be downloaded here [DOCX]

Calls to action

Learn: we want people to understand the different ways to prevent HIV and why they are important.

Make a choice: we want people to choose how they reduce the chance of getting HIV by:

  • choosing the right fitting condom,
  • finding out if they need to get tested for HIV, where to do it and the different ways they can via the tools on our website,
  • understanding what PrEP is, how it works and how to access it,
  • encouraging people living with HIV to access and adhere to treatment for health benefits for themselves and for the added advantage of not having to worry about passing it on to anyone else.

Educate: share the information from the campaign messages with friends, family and on social media.

It Starts With Me Summer Campaign 2019

Combination Prevention

The summer phase of the It Starts With Me campaign will begin on Wednesday 19 June 2019.

I'm Stopping HIV - Nicholas

The focus of this phase will be on raising awareness and promoting actions to take on the various ways to prevent HIV: testing, treatment, condoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Who this briefing is for

  • Commissioners of sexual health services.
  • Public health and health promotion professionals working in sexual health.
  • Sexual health and primary care clinicians.
  • Sexual health community outreach workers.
  • Community, cultural and faith leaders from key communities.
  • Pharmacists and allied health professionals who provide services to people from key communities.

The purpose of this briefing

This briefing provides information about:

  • everything you need to know about the summer campaign,
  • how you can get involved,
  • what support you can get from HPE,
  • what combination prevention is and why it is important.

Campaign resources will be available to order from the HPE portal from Wednesday 5 June 2019.

Find out more in our campaign briefing [PDF].

New ‘I can’t pass on HIV’ resources

It Starts With Me - I Can't Pass On HIV - Charity

New posters promoting ‘I can’t pass on HIV’ are now available to order from our resource portal.

Order these resources for your clinic and services and help raise awareness that people living with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus to someone else sexually, even if condoms are not used during sex.

Our series of short videos featuring Andrew, Charity and Sadiq are also now available to download and share, including subtitled versions.

‘I’m stopping HIV’ – It Starts With Me Summer 2018 Campaign

ISWM Summer 2018 campaign briefing

The summer phase of the It Starts With Me campaign will start on Monday 18 June 2018.

We have the tools to stop HIV

The focus of the summer campaign phase will be on raising awareness and promoting actions to take on the various ways to prevent HIV: testing, condoms, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and treatment.

The campaign aims to:

  • promote awareness and adoption of condom use, treatment as prevention, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and HIV testing,
  • challenge HIV stigma by sharing real stories of people living with and affected by HIV who demonstrate how the different aspects of combination prevention  is stopping HIV,
  • encourage individuals to find the right options for themselves.

The campaign will be delivered mainly via online and print advertising.

Campaign briefing

If you would like to know more about this phase of the campaign please have a look at our Summer Campaign Briefing [PDF].

The briefing will provide you with:

  • A summary of the campaign activities.
  • How you can get involved.
  • What support we can provide to you to amplify the campaign in your area.
  • What combination prevention is and why it’s important.

New resources

We have created a number of new resources for the campaign including posters and leaflets. The look and feel of the campaign is bright, fun and summery. The resources feature individuals who are playing their part in stopping HIV by using the different prevention methods.

Order resources online now.

Coming soon: We will also be providing a social media pack with images, video and suggested social media posts to help you promote the summer campaign.

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