For briefings related to It Starts With Me or National HIV Testing Week, visit the campaign briefings page.

Trans People and HIV Testing (2017) [PDF]
A briefing paper focusing on trans people and HIV. It highlights the reasons why HIV testing is so important for trans people, addressing barriers to HIV testing, and including helpful tips, tools and resources on providing a trans-friendly health service.

Recent STI and BBV outbreaks (2017) [PDF]
A briefing paper focusing on recent STI and BBV outbreaks which have been the focus of Public Health England’s 2016/2017 investigations. The paper discusses infectious syphilis, drug-resistant gonorrhoea and hepatitis A.

Testing technologies (2014) [PDF]
This paper provides an overview of HIV diagnostic tests for people planning, commissioning or providing HIV prevention activities in England. Please note that there have been changes to self testing in the UK since this briefing was first published.

Risk, infectiousness and viral load (2014) [PDF]
A briefing paper answering frequently asked questions about HIV risk and infectiousness.

HIV treatment as prevention (2014) [PDF]
A briefing paper covering the scientific evidence for treatment as prevention and its implications for the UK.

Undiagnosed HIV infection (2013) [PDF]
A briefing paper summarizing concepts of undiagnosed HIV infection and late diagnosis of HIV in the UK.