Core components of governance

Public Health England

Terrence Higgins Trust’s HPE management team has quarterly progress update meetings with Public Health England.

In addition the HPE programme, its campaigns and resources are developed using the expertise and specialism of partners and external stakeholders.

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HPE Steering Committee (HPESC)

The HPESC is a multi-disciplinary stakeholder advisory group which meets three times a year. The committee will provide guidance on the strategy and delivery of the programme. They will also provide oversight to ensure the expertise of key stakeholder groups are feeding into the programme at the highest level and provide transparency and accountability.

The ultimate responsibility for HIV Prevention England rests with the trustees of Terrence Higgins Trust.

Campaign Development Group

This multi-disciplinary working group with attendees from the public, community and commercial sectors. It meets bi-annually to develop programme interventions.

Sector Leadership Forum

This is a bi-annual meetings of HIV service providers to share best practice and provide training and support.

The minutes from governance meetings can be found below, highlighting discussions, actions and decisions taken.

HPE Steering Committee – February 2019 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – October 2018 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – June 2018 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – February 2018 [PDF]
PHE Q4 Progress Report – 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q3 Progress Report – 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q2 Progress Report – 2017 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – October 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q1 Progress Report – September 2017 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – June 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q4 Progress Report – May 2017 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – March 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q3 Progress Report – February 2017 [PDF]
PHE Q2 Progress Report – November 2016 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – October 2016 [PDF]
PHE Q1 Progress Report – August 2016 [PDF]
HPE Steering Committee – July 2016 [PDF]
Campaign Development Group –June 2016 [PDF]
HPE Stakeholder Event report – May 2016 [PDF]