HPE Conference 2020: Call for abstracts

HPE Conference 2020 - save the date - 18 February 2020

HIV Prevention England will be hosting the national HIV prevention conference on Tuesday 18 February 2020 in central London. Registration for the conference will open in November 2019 and attendance is free for all those working in HIV prevention.

The conference will provide a platform for open discussion as well as practical learning opportunities that delegates can take back to their organisations, clinics and other places of work.

Conference themes

HPE has worked with stakeholders across the sector to produce these conference themes. We welcome abstracts which can influence and contribute to good health, not only around HIV but also in the specialties of sexual and reproductive health (SRH).

Getting to zero – reaching the last 8%

  • Combination prevention: addressing communities beyond those already engaged with established prevention methods e.g. testing, PrEP etc.
  • Sexual networks: identifying and engaging ‘underground’ sexual networks affected by HIV and poor sexual health.
  • Prevention and attitudes to sexual health in non-metropolitan and rural communities.

Social justice: stigma, discrimination and inequalities

  • HIV, sexual and reproductive health inequalities in key population subgroups.
  • Attitudes to HIV and good sexual health in the era of Treatment as Prevention.
  • Language and terminology: the impact on community engagement.

Systems strengthening

  • Holistic approaches to HIV and SRH.
  • New models of prevention and care for people living with and affected by HIV and STIs, including primary and secondary health services.
  • Building sustainable partnerships outside the HIV sector.
  • Learnings from HIV prevention: how can these be applied to combat the rise in STIs?

Working differently: challenging status quos in HIV prevention work in the UK

  • Challenging silo-working and community gatekeepers.
  • Alternatives to the disproportionate focus on social marketing campaigns or biomedical interventions.

The future of commissioning

  • Approaches to increasing demand for integrated HIV and SRH services: preventing resource shortfalls and other system risks.
  • The role of the private sector: how can diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and mobile geo-networking app corporations maximise public health impact together with the HIV and SRH sectors.

Abstract submission process

Submission period now closed.

HIV Prevention England Conference 2020

HIV Prevention England Conference 2020

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the national HIV prevention conference on Tuesday 18 February 2020 in central London.

It will be free to attend for all those working in HIV prevention in England. Save the date!

Registration for the conference will open in November 2019.

Please note that the abstract submission period will start in September 2019 and we encourage submissions from all our stakeholders.

Key Populations: seminar overview and presentations

Key Populations seminar, Thursday 28 March 2019, 10-4.30, BMA House, London

Earlier this year, the Government announced a new goal to eliminate HIV in England by 2030. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, providers in the HIV and sexual health sector need to ensure services and interventions are reaching the key populations at risk of HIV. The trends in key populations have shifted since the beginning of the epidemic. This event sought to determine what those trends are, and what the implications for service delivery may be.

Read more

Positive East’s Inaugural Faith Symposium

Positive East Faith Symposium, May 2018

Our Local Activation Partner Positive East reports on the success of their first ever Faith Symposium, held in May 2018 in London.

‘As faith leaders we work to create healthy and caring communities that support people living with and affected by HIV.’

These words spoken by Apostle Segun George, the Cherubim & Seraphim Church, Mount Zion (Jesus-Saves) are testament to the role that faith can play in the HIV response.

In London, HIV in black African people accounted for 51% of all heterosexually acquired cases in 2016. Of this group, 53% were diagnosed late and accounted for 21% of new HIV diagnoses. It is estimated that, in London, 600 black Africans are living with HIV without knowing it.

Positive East, recognising that religion can play a major role in the life of black African people, coordinates the East London Community Faith Forum. They work with faith leaders, who have the reach and influence to fight HIV-related stigma and promote HIV testing. With an aim to tackle stigma and discrimination and promote HIV testing, the Forum suggested Positive East host a symposium for faith leaders talking about HIV themes including ‘hope’, ‘love’ and ‘compassion’.

The inaugural symposium was held on Saturday 12 May 2018. It brought together faith leaders, individuals and drivers of change, those living with and passionate about the fight against HIV, as well as people of faith and representatives of HIV charities.

Highlights and outcomes

Representatives were delighted to hear from a range of powerful speakers. Most notably, Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo set a powerful tone to the day ahead by sharing her journey with HIV.

Her story inspired other people in attendance to share their personal experiences, some who had been living with the virus for over 25 years. The event aimed to break the silence around HIV-related issues and this occurred from the outset with testimonies shared of people living well, finding love and being able to have children born without HIV.

Positive East’s African communities’ coordinators had the opportunity to educate the symposium with the latest HIV innovations and up-to-date research, including Treatment as Prevention (TasP) and the global ‘U=U’ (‘undetectable equals untransmittable’) campaign as well as information about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

The event gave an opportunity for faith leaders to reflect on their involvement in HIV advocacy. A poignant moment of the event came when one pastor requested forgiveness, on behalf of all faith leaders, for failing people living with HIV.

Next steps

The symposium recommended the implementation of workshops and training for both faith leaders and congregation members. Events were proposed with a focus around National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day.

Positive East is hopeful that the symposium will lead to an increased interest in African churches wishing to work in partnership with them in East London. They aim to continue to build upon the hard work the event generated and encourage more faith leaders to open their doors to the delivery of HIV awareness training and testing in their churches.

If you are a faith leader based in East London or are interested in getting your local faith community involved with Positive East’s work, please contact [email protected]

Download full symposium programme