On this page you will find monitoring and evaluation reports on the HIV Prevention England programme. These show the programme’s impact and progress towards its aims.

Researchworks report summary – HPE stakeholder evaluation [PDF]

Public Health England commissioned Research Works Ltd to explore and understand stakeholder views of the HIV Prevention England programme, currently contracted to Terrence Higgins Trust.

Commissioners, stakeholders, providers, and health professionals have given their views on Terrence Higgins Trust’s performance. This summary report sets out the findings from the research, and indicates the key achievements of the programme, along with the key areas of learning.

HPE Impact Summary 2016-2017 [PDF]

A graphical summary of the impact of It Starts With Me, National HIV Testing Week and our social media.

Public Health England evaluation of ‘It Starts With Me’: TNS Global Evaluation [PDF]

Social research company TNS-BMRB produced this report for Public Health England, looking at the It Starts With Me campaign in November and December 2015.

HPE Impact Summary 2012-2016 [PDF]

Our impact over the past four years and how we’ll be building on our experience going forward.