New briefing on Trans People and HIV Testing

HIV testing is crucial for identifying those who are undiagnosed so that they can receive life-saving treatment early and stop the transmission of HIV.

Promoting testing among trans people is particularly important because they have a higher prevalence of HIV, and general health services may not meet their needs appropriately.

This year, HIV Prevention England put a spotlight on increasing testing among trans people as part of the National HIV Testing Week campaign. In early November, we hosted a webinar on Promoting trans inclusive HIV testing and sexual health services [PDF] in partnership with CliniQ, ClinicT, The LGBT Foundation and Yorkshire MESMAC.

Following on from that, we have produced a short information briefing highlighting the reasons why HIV testing is so important for trans people, addressing barriers to HIV testing, and including helpful tips, tools and resources on providing a trans-friendly health service.

Trans People and HIV Testing [PDF]